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Hosting a Webinar? 5 Features Your Conferencing Solution Must Have


webinarA good webinar starts with the right platform. No matter how brilliant your presentation is, technical issues can get in the way and irritate attendees. Still, with the many excellent choices out there on the market, how do you choose the best service provider for your needs?

Cost is certainly an important factor, but web video conferencing services like Adigo.com also have many unique and valuable tools that can make your webinar a success. Before making your decision, keep an eye out for these handy features.

  1. Question and Answer Support – Many webinars try to get away with a simple chat room as their medium for accepting questions, and for smaller presentations, this can actually work out fine. But in most cases, it will lead to confusion and a disorderly Q&A session. It is better if your conferencing solution already has a specialized function for accepting and sorting inquiries.
  2. Polling – An undervalued function, allowing attendees to vote is a helpful presentation tool and a possible way to determine the next topic of discussion. You should also look for an end-of-webinar survey function; getting honest and accurate attendee feedback will be much easier if you do it immediately after the event.
  3. Reservation Requirements – Limiting the number of attendees and keeping out unauthorized parties is a crucial requirement for most webinars. A good registration system will help you keep the crowd at a manageable level, while preserving the value of the webinar for everyone involved.
  4. Multiple Video Streams – Platforms that can support multiple video feeds open the door to a whole range of possibilities, especially when it comes to screen sharing. Thankfully, almost all providers offer this now, so you will not have to shop around much to find it.
  5. Host Control Transfers – This is more of a requirement for webinars with multiple presenters. When it is someone else’s turn to speak, it is helpful to hand over the relevant permissions and functions over to them; this makes for a smoother, more intuitive presentation.

These features are always helpful, but remember that reliability should always be your first and highest priority. Make sure that things, such as voice and video quality are in order before looking for additional benefits. Remember, your attendees will judge you based on the information they walk away with, not how fancy the presentation was.

A New Look at Outdoor Fun: Why Consider Mountain Biking as a Family Activity

Mountain Biking

Mountain BikingOver 50 million Americans have tried and now love mountain biking.

That is a huge number, indeed. But the statistics available is probably nothing compared to the endless benefits that the activity has to offer. When it comes to physical and emotional benefits, mountain biking can boost your happiness and improve your overall well-being.

Perhaps if you ask any mountain biker why they do it, you will likely hear: “because it’s calming” or “to keep the joints healthy.” There is a reason many have fallen in love with riding bicycles off-road. If you are planning a weekend getaway or a weeklong vacation soon, let this article enlighten you on why you should make mountain biking a family activity.

It Strengthens Relationship

If you want to spend quality time with your family, mountain biking is the ideal activity to achieve that. It is something you can do regularly with your spouse and kids. Bringing your family into the wilderness is a great way to show affection, effort, and positive attitude, which are the key ingredients to a strong family relationship. Traveling together strengthens a family; apart from beating the stress, you can encourage them to embrace nature through mountain biking.

Keeps You and Your Family Healthy

Why look for other ways to make your family healthy, when you can all go mountain biking? It’s not only an adventure, but also a fat-burning activity. Mountain biking can be an effective workout for the whole family, as it helps the mind and body to increase fitness. It’s great for the heart, endurance, leg strength and muscle development.

Perfect During Spring Breaks

More and more families today choose to go mountain biking during spring breaks, as it is therapeutic and a great way to achieve a change of scenery. Colorado’s tour operator American Adventure Expeditions shares that mountain biking allows you and your family to visit the most amazing and remote parts of the state. In addition, your family can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

There’s no doubt mountain biking offers the best of both worlds. Make it part of your family’s favorite activity, as it can help improve health, relationship, and mental health.

Things You Should Consider in Rental Property Location

Property Location

Property LocationLocation is important when it comes to owning properties; what you look for in a location depends on what kind of property you have. Are you looking for a property that you could rent to tenants? How would you know it’s a good find aside from the price?

Let’s go over the following factors to help you make a well-informed decision for the location of your rental property:

What would tenants want?

In the end, having people rent your property and stay there for a good amount of time will be one of your main concerns. The property developers of Pointcorp suggest choosing a unit in a place that will be attractive to your potential tenants. You should ask yourself, “If I’m a potential tenant, what would I look for?”

The immediate neighbourhood

You need to make sure your tenants can rest and feel at home in your rental unit. To add to the comfort of your tenants, consider how the neighbourhood is like. Are the surroundings quiet and peaceful? Is the community safe? Are the people in the neighbourhood friendly or approachable?

Access to the outside

Of course, people would have to go to work and do other things, so another thing you should think about is accessibility. Is your rental property near offices? Are there groceries and other shops nearby? Are there places where people can enjoy themselves outside of home?

Forces of nature you can avoid

Potential tenants need to feel and be safe as much as possible. Look for a location that is not as vulnerable to natural disasters such as storms, floods and earthquakes. For example, you can avoid floods by being in a high area.

The other things to keep in mind when choosing property that you can rent out are the amenities. Once you’ve sorted out the requirements for your rental units, you won’t have any trouble looking for a good property purchase.

Have Your Own Boat? Enjoy Some of These

Have Your Own Boat

Have Your Own BoatTo indulge in a boating lifestyle in Australia, buying a boat is obviously the first thing that you need to do. There is so much to love about the sea, the lakes and the rivers, and one of the signs of an affluent standard of living is a boat.

Sure, you can rent a boat, but with your own boat, you are giving yourself a favour; budget may be second priority at this point, but for savings, you may want to try buying second-hand boats. Still, with your own boat, you can enjoy the following boating activities:


Having more than 5,000 species of fish in Australia, you will surely have a great catch. You can catch bass, trout cod, salmon and even red snappers. Among the best fishing spots in Australia include South West Rocks, Sweers Island, Exmouth, Kakadu National Park, and Port Lincoln. Still, remember that there are still certain rules and regulations to follow when you are fishing in a designated fishing spot.

Water Sports

Having a boat is not all about fishing. You can do water sports too. With a boat, you can go to the best water destination to do wakeboarding, wake surfing, water skiing and tubing. This is ideal for those who want to play with water and extreme sports – water sports is their lovechild.


On the other hand, if you are not a fanatic of fishing or water sports, you can have a more peaceful time just by sailing on a boat. Feel the salty wind that brushes on your face. Watch the wonderful horizon of the enormous deep blue sea. Or even watch fish jump in and out of the water. You can even see dolphins or whales if you are on the right spot!

Indeed, having a boating lifestyle provides you extraordinary experiences to be closer with nature, to be closer with the different bodies of water.

Why Some Lawyers Start Their Practice in Rural Areas

rural lawyer

rural lawyerIt is safe to assume that every new law school graduate dreams of working for a big-city law firm. A big part of that aspiration lies on the prestige that comes with a certain firm. Nevertheless, for freshly minted lawyers, is prestige really the thing to worry?

For someone who labored for four years, being asked to do one thing can be tough. Why is it that law students continue to fancy big-city law firms that offer them little in return? How about rural law firms? Why do some law schools push their students to seek employment or internship in small towns?

Life of Rural Law Firms

You don’t often hear about country lawyers. After all, they do not advertise outside of town and they mostly handle small disputes. What many do not realize is that small-town lawyers have become so busy the last few years because nobody is there to help them. The shortage is real and it’s keeping old-timers from having their long-awaited break.

Veteran law firms know that experience is key in maturing to a well-rounded legal professional. When it comes to mentoring up-and-coming lawyers, these small-town lawyers are like sages. They possess an incredible amount of knowledge and experience that up-and-coming lawyers need to know. As the Illinois firm Noll Law Office explained on their site, “When criminal charges are being investigated or have been brought against you, an aggressive lawyer can make the critical difference in the ultimate outcome of your case.”

Advantages of Rural Practice

Every new lawyer is bound to find career opportunities in rural towns. Not only that they’ll have a highly experienced mentor, they get to handle all kinds of cases. From contract disputes to tax cases to multitudes of criminal defense, there is an extensive range of cases that are brought to small firms in small towns.

Working in rural areas pays off big time to lawyer with big aspirations. The legal work is boundless and the money, all in all, is very good. If you want success in the long-term, it’s time to consider working rural for the foreseeable future.

What’s Your Timber? 3 Wood Flooring Trends in 2015

floor boards

floor boardsTimber floor boards feature a classy, yet laid back appeal designed to highlight the grain of the wood to lend a cosy feel to any room. Varying cuts will highlight different wood grain angles, while a broad array of finishes may be utilised to showcase the wood in various means.

While wood flooring will never go out of style, take a look at the top three hardwood flooring trends this 2015:

1. The Reclaimed, Vintage, or Authentic Look

Perhaps the biggest trend of all, the authentic feel of reclaimed timber floor boards is mostly used in homes with an old, vintage, or rustic aesthetic. Meanwhile, more homeowners who lean towards the eclectic contemporary design style now use reclaimed wood to showcase their ability to mix and match the old with the new. While the most popular, it is likewise the most expensive trend and the most difficult to source, Chelsea Flooring notes.

2. Longer and Broader Planks

Broader and longer wooden planks make spaces seem larger and evoke a sense of openness. They can be installed vertically, horizontally, and diagonally for more drama. Broader planks likewise showcase the natural splendour of wood and allow their distinctive grain patterns to shine through, lending more character to all design aesthetics—be it eclectic, traditional, modern, or rustic.

3. White-Washed and Dark Finished Woods

The white-washed wood flooring trend began in upscale homes in Europe and the whole world is now catching on. According to design experts, its popularity outside Europe is influenced in part by upscale resorts this side of the world. On the other hand, warm, rich, and darker browns will offer traditional homes a more elegant and relaxed feel, and extremely dark and black floor boards will surely make an impression.

White-washed and dark wooden floors are both perfect for contemporary, traditional, Bohemian, and eclectic homes.

As seen in these wood flooring trends, today’s homeowners are keen on letting their individual personalities shine through to their home design. With advancements in timber flooring production, homeowners will be happy to know that they have more options to choose from in the near future.

4 Upcoming Cars that Define the Word “Coveted”

McLaren P13

McLaren P13There are different title loan offers in Orem. The city’s known for hassle-free applications, some of which you can even complete online. If you’re the proud owner of a car in good condition, you can use its title to get enough money for a new car like the ones listed below:

The McLaren P13

This is due for release this year (Q2 2015) in New York. It is less pricey than its predecessors. It features a bigger cabin that would provide more luggage space, though it is basically still a sports car with a V8 engine—it can only accommodate two passengers.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

With its sleek white exterior, this is another superb addition to Alfa Romeo’s line of elegant sports cars. It also features a convertible lightweight canvas top that covers its two-seater interior.

The 4C’s horsepower comes from a four-cylinder engine.The car has already been showcased in Geneva, so it’ll soon be available to auto enthusiasts.

Your old car can help you buy this car or at least save up for the downpayment. With a title loan, Orem residents can be among the first to drive this luxury sports car.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata

This sleek red convertible would make a great addition to every car collector’s garage. It features a cutting-edge engine, though its fuel capacity is rather limited. It has already received praises from various renowned car reviewers on the internet, with test drivers confirming that it is far more agile than its predecessors.

The Bentley Bentayga SUV

Bentley’s representatives say that, in part, the car got its unusual name from the Roque Bentayga – a magnificent natural formation in Spain. It is the first ever SUV produced by Bentley and it caters to the elite in expense, luxury and exclusivity.Watch out for the announcement of its release date.

These four make it clear that cars aren’t just a means of transportation. They are the very definition of humanity’s endless pursuit for improvement and power. Their luxurious features make them expensive, however, so if you are looking for options that are not as hard on the budget, ask dealerships about other models.

Earn from Pests: Start a Home Based Pest Control Business

home pest

home pestYou don’t need to rent a building to start a pest control business. You can actually run this type of business from home and earn more than $75,000 a year. Get started by knowing the important factors to consider.

Knowledge and Skills

Before you can run a pest control business, you should know how to exterminate pests. Vocational and community schools offer classes on pest control. Check the National Pest Management Association’s website to look for tips and advice when dealing with different kinds of pests.

Your Home Office

You should have an administrative office that takes care of business forms for both your client and your business. Since you hire qualified personnel for this type of business, the government would require certification, license and insurance from you.

You also need to decide on what type of payments to accept. Most customers would prefer to pay using their credit cards. It would be a good idea to create a website that accepts credit card payments.

Product and Supplies

Determine what type of products you want to offer your clients. More products mean you have to invest in more supplies and additional staff. This also affects storage space. Pay attention to proper storage and chemical handling procedures.

Store chemicalsproperly and safely to avoid any accidents that might cost you money—orworse, your reputation. Get a reliable vehicle for the transportation of equipment and supplies safely.

Going Paperless

It’s easier for you to run your business with helpful pest control software solution to handle the administrative side. With this software, you can keep track of your inventory. It also records your clients’ contact details as well as your staff’s.

This way, you can keep a calendar of your client’s schedules and know which staff is booked or available. You would also know the type of pest control the client needs.

Start your business properly. List down everything you need, acquire any permits if necessary and find ways to handle operations efficiently.

Five Web Design Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

web user

web userAnyone can create a website thanks to the different tools available online. Nonetheless, it’s easy to fall for web design mistakes that can turn away visitors, as well. Instead of gaining more for your business, your site might be driving away the potential market.

When it comes to web design, you must avoid the following mistakes:

Cluttered Homepage

First impressions last and The Web Shop Design & Marketing believes this concept applies to your homepage, as well. Nothing turns off visitors more than a cluttered homepage. When it comes to designing the homepage, remember that less is more. The best websites present their visitors with engaging, relevant content minus the distracting graphics and wall of text.

Poor Navigation

Visitors are less likely to waste time looking around your site for information. You might eventually lose them with too many clicks and wrongly placed buttons. Site navigation should be intuitive and logical. The pages should be accessible with consistent navigation links.

Outdated Content

Keep your content fresh and interesting to make your visitors come back again. Frequent updates also affect your Google ranking. Answer questions and publish new articles regularly. After all, nobody would bother with an abandoned site.


Using flash can affect the loading time of your website. This causes problems for the web design and ruins the overall visitor experience. Instead of adding flash plugin, go for CSS designs. This makes more sense if you’re building a content-based website.

Pop-up Windows

There’s a reason that browsers and third party tools are actively blocking pop-up windows—they are distracting. Pop-up windows can disrupt a visitor’s experience by overloading them with offers and unnecessary content, so make sure your site doesn’t run any of these distractions.

There’s a big difference between a website that converts and a website that just exists for the business. If you want to attract visitors and drive them down the conversion funnel, you should gear your site towards a more user-friendly design.

Database Administration is Tough Stuff: Hire or Outsource

Database Administration

Database AdministrationSo you have decided that you need a database administrator. The next thing you need is to make sure you are choosing the right person or team to handle the task. There are many different options available to you today—all it takes is the knowledge and patience to select the right one.

Here’s a short guide to help you:

Train, Hire, Purchase, or Outsource

You can either train your resident IT personnel or hire an experienced DBA. You can also pay a vendor to support your purchased database or you can outsource this service.

As you would have guessed, all of these choices have repercussions as well as benefits. Your job will be to find the lesser evil so to speak. Your requirements will dictate your choice. For instance, if you are going to train from your existing roster, can you cover the training expenses?

Hiring an experienced DBA will cost you a lot and will probably take time. If you choose to purchase the service from a vendor, you may have the option to manage it remotely or on site, but you will not be their only client and you run the risk of not maximising their services.

Outsourcing DBA

Outsourcing the service guarantees a dedicated database administrator for your account. Considering that Microsoft SQL is updated from time to time, with the latest version released in 2014, you no longer have to update skill sets and software knowledge.

Outsourcing the service to remote professionals like DBAServices.com.au allows for better maximisation of database capacity. You also have 24/7 support that totally focuses on your business needs. All these without worrying periodically about your subscription.

Your database depends on the support rendered by whomever you hire. Weigh your options and choose the one with greater benefits to make the most of your DBA.