3 Backyard Party Ideas for Spring

a child's birthday party

Spring is the perfect time for picnics, afternoon parties, and simple get-togethers in the garden. It’s the season when friends can catch up outdoors over a cup of coffee. Or when the neighborhood kids can have fun at art workshops and puppet show parties. All of which can be done in your own backyard. So, go ahead and call for lawn mowing service in Minneapolis and plan the party that’ll make this spring unforgettable for everyone.

1. A Boho Afternoon Cocktail

Cocktails are all about finger foods, mixed drinks, and conversations. If done in the afternoon, a cocktail would be perfect for a fundraising activity or a benefit. Add a mini bar on one side and a string quartet on the other and you’ll surely have a successful event that’ll raise enough for what you need.

2. An Evening Luau

Hawaiian luaus were originally meant for weddings or parties for VIPs. Today, you can have your own mini luau for a fun birthday celebration. Just get a few tiki torches, palm leaves, and tropical print tablecloths to start your design. Then serve a lot of barbecued pork, roasted pig, fish salad, sweet potatoes, and coconut cakes and it’ll feel like Hawaii in your own home.

3. A Kiddie Arts and Crafts Party

Tell the neighborhood kids that you’ll be having an art class in your backyard. Think of a few nifty crafts they can do, or just give them pieces of paper and loads of crayons, paint, and paint brushes and let them go wild. Then let them hang their works of art on a clothesline for all their parents to see. And then they can have refreshments and snacks after all their hard work.

Spring is such a pretty season, yet it can come and go without you even noticing. So, make the most out of what’s left of the season. Gather all your friends and start planning that spring party of a lifetime.