3 Enjoyable Zion National Park Adventures

Zion National ParkFeaturing southwest Utah’s most intriguing and spectacular topography, the Zion National Park is filled with dramatic canyons, mesas, scenic byways, action-packed hiking trails and monolithic cliffs. There are innumerable lookouts that offer fantastic views of the region’s wildlife. From challenging hikes to adrenaline soaring mountain hikes, here are the top experiences to enjoy at Zion.

Wildlife Watching

Zion is home to over 200 bird species, which makes it a paradise for bird-watchers. Witness the bald eagle and California condor, among several other varieties of aerials in the park’s 200 plus square mile sanctuary. The park has contributed significantly to the resurrection of the Peregrine falcon species, which went almost extinct from the United States in the 70’s. There are several species of mammals, fish, reptiles and 1,000 species of plants here.


Camping at Zion is a truly immersive natural experience, even though there are some good lodges and comfortable hotels here. The Zion Canyon located Watchman Campground (largest in the park featuring 200 group and walk-in campsites) and South Campground are much sought after while Lava Point is more suitable for tent and truck campers. Lava Point Fire Lookout offers striking views of the region’s Pink Cliffs and The Sentinel.


The world famous hiking trails of Zion cater to all abilities with its sparkling pools, stone arches, and dramatic canyons. Popular family day hike trails include the Parus Trail and the lovely Riverside Walk (wheelchair accessible and offer beautiful views. Families with young kids may want to check out the Emerald Pools Trails, with its pleasant spring pools, canyon vistas, and gushing waterfalls. Seasoned hikers can enjoy the challenges of Angels Landing, Taylor Creek Trail, and Kolob Arch.

Exploring Zion National Park

With is bountiful topography, Zion National Park is a photographers and nature buffs sanctuary. Enjoy wildlife watching, camping and hiking through the adventure packed natural terrain of the region. Other activities to be enjoyed across several other Utah parks include boating, canoeing, water skiing, wakeboarding and more. 801 Power Sports suggests you hire from one of the reputed boat rental and delivery services Utah Lake has to enjoy the region’s waters.