3 Main Tasks Most Criminal Defense Lawyers Do Before the Trial

trial in court

When you’re accused of some serious allegations, the best thing you can do is call a lawyer. Hiring a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who has worked on similar cases as yours should always be on top of your list.

While having a credible attorney is important, it is also advisable to be familiar with their strategies. Here are some pointers to give an idea of how a criminal defense law firm in Marysville and other locations prepare for a trial:

Gathering the Facts

Generally, your lawyers need to layout the groundwork by gathering all the facts. They may ask you to narrate everything you know about the case. This includes the things you were doing during the incident, your location, and other details that can help them with your case. Be transparent with your lawyer. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with a professional. Your attorney will eventually know if you’re lying or hiding something.

Analyzing and Interpreting the Evidence

Once they have sorted out the facts, they may start creating a “theory of defense”. At this phase, your lawyer may throw again some questions regarding the incident. This is to determine the inconsistencies in the witnesses’ statements, evidence, and your version of the story. They will focus more on the weakest points that the prosecutors may see during the trial.

Bringing in “Outside Help”

Reputable law firms should have bigger networks. They should have access to different specializations, such as trial consultants, jury advisors, and many more. In many cases, the lawyer should collaborate with other personnel who can help them strengthen the defendant’s case.

Always remember that it’s your right to defend yourself from situations like these. Never take this problem into your own hands. Get professional help and coordinate with them throughout the duration of the case, particularly during the trials.