3 Plumbing Features to Consider When Buying a House

Home Buying TipsOwning a home is an exciting process to many people for it not only gives them the satisfaction of owning the roof over their family’s head but also works towards growing their equity as well. As a result, lots of excitement accompanies the process, causing people to overlook important issues.

While many opt for a professional evaluation of the house, they rarely look into the condition of the plumbing system. As such, they tend to end up with a new house that needs an expensive overhaul of the plumbing system.

Sewer Mains

A clog in the sewer mains poses a significant threat to your health and wellbeing but is likely to pass unnoticed when purchasing the home. While most lines have a long lifespan, sometimes they are susceptible to damage. Tree roots often weaken the structural integrity, creating points of weaknesses that could block the flow of water. A simple video inspection by the best plumber in Bountiful unearths any hidden problems with the line and saves you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Bathrooms and Toilets

Given their frequent use, iRepair Plumbing Heating and Air noted that any leak in the home’s wet areas poses a significant threat to the structural integrity of the house. The water could cause extensive rotting of the floorboards, leading you to incur thousands of dollars in repairs.

Water Heaters

With proper usage, a water heater has a lifespan of up to 10 years. However, the durability of a heater depends on proper maintenance, installation, and usage. Units that provide hot water and double up as the heater for the house have a higher frequency of breaking down. The positioning of the tank matters a great deal since it could ruin your carpet and damage your drywalls if it springs a leak. Consulting with an expert allays such fears and helps you pick the most suitable location.

Many prospective homeowners rush through the process of buying a home, only to uncover massive plumbing issues that are expensive to fix. Oversights when buying a new house could cause you to incur hefty repair costs and ruin the experience, so it's best to be informed.