3 Things That Could Be Making You Sick in the Workplace


Are you feeling sick in your workplace? It may not just be your workload; it could be your work environment that’s making you sick. If you feel you’re going down with something, here are the possible culprits:

1. Dirty Carpets

Everyone knows pesticide exposure is bad, but did you know that about 80% of people’s exposure to it happens indoors? Yes, that’s right. This is because your office carpet can hold up to eight times more of its weight due to the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

When a person with a weak immune system (like pregnant women and seniors) is exposed, it’s highly possible to experience some respiratory problems. If you value everybody in the workplace, you need the help of pro cleaners in Sydney that provide strata cleaning.

2. Dirty Air Conditioners

Similar to how carpets and rugs accumulate dirt and bacteria, your office air conditioner can do the same if you don’t clean the filters regularly. The moist environment becomes an ideal breathing ground for fungi and bacteria. When dispersed in the air, these could cause breathing problems like pneumonia and Legionnaire’s disease. Your employees could also experience fatigue, dry skin, and headache, which could all lead to missed work days and a dip in productivity levels.

3. Dirty Pantry

When employees avoid the office pantry, you can lose up to six billion due to low productivity. Imagine this: Instead of going to the pantry for coffee, they need to leave the office to get coffee outside. That’s precious time lost. If a dirty pantry causes food poisoning, you’ll even spend more due to medical care and more sick days.

It’s important to take care of everybody’s health. If your office could be making you sick, don’t hesitate to call the pros. Watch out for these things and remember, health is wealth.