3 Ways to Honor a Loved One Who Passed Away

Losing a Loved One in Salt Lake CityLosing a loved one is never easy, but it is something you will inevitably go through in life. The process of grieving is different for everyone. You have to go through it at your own pace and not be pressured about what everybody else thinks. One way to help you cope is by making sure you give the send off your loved one deserves. Here are some things you can do to honor your loved one’s memory even while you’re in the process of grieving.

Choose the Disposition Form

There are a few types of disposition you can choose for your loved one, if the loved one didn’t get the chance to choose it themselves. You can choose a traditional burial through a gravesite, a natural burial if the deceased wants to minimize the environmental impact of the remains, a cremation if the deceased wants to be reduced to ashes, or an alkaline hydrolysis that reduces the body to liquid and bone fragments.

Plan a Meaningful Service

No matter what form of disposition you end up choosing, you need to hold a meaningful service for all the people who want to honor the memory of your loved one. Make funeral arrangements in Salt Lake City as soon as possible so you can announce the date to everyone who wants to attend to pay their respects one last time, says an expert from McDougal Funeral Home. This is a good way for everyone who loved the deceased to mourn yet celebrate the memory of the person.

Donations as Flowers

Traditionally, people who go to funerals prepare flowers for the deceased. However, some families now put “in lieu of flowers” in obituaries if they want guests to give monetary donations instead of flowers. This is a reasonable request if you are experiencing some financial problems. Of course, guests can still come with both flowers and donations.

Losing a loved one is difficult, but paying homage to other people who loved him or her is a good way to cope. Honor the memory of your loved one by making sure he or she gets the proper sendoff.