3 Ways to Prepare Your AC Unit for Spring and Summer

AC Unit from AucklandIn a few weeks, winter is coming to an end. The sun will shine brighter in spring, but when summer comes, expect it to be much hotter. And during these hot days, the last thing you want is sleeping in a room with an air conditioner that doesn’t work. So while it is still winter, spend some time to prepare your AC unit for the upcoming spring and summer.

Clean or Replace the Air Filters

According to Absolute Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, cleaning or replacing the filters of your AC unit is the easiest but often the most important step to keep it in a good condition. It is advisable to clean or replace the filters twice a year (one of them is before the spring or summer) to keep the airflow unrestricted during the hot days.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Usually located outside the house, the AC’s condenser unit looks like a large fan. Before winter, you should’ve covered it to prevent debris getting stuck on the coils. Right after the winter, uncover it and check condenser coils for any dirt and make sure to clean them before using the AC unit for the spring and summer. Just make sure to clean the condenser unit regularly from then on, as leaves during the spring and summer might get stuck on the coils.

Test the Unit

Most likely, you didn’t use your AC unit regularly during winter. So before the winter ends, consider testing the unit to check if it is still in good condition. If it is no longer running properly, have it checked right away so you’ll have a unit to use for the upcoming hot days.

If you don’t like to suffer from heat when spring and summer comes, make sure you do all the things listed in this article while it’s still winter. After all, it is always better to prepare than to have regrets at the end.