4 Air Conditioning Practices to Do During Winter

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You may be freezing down to your bones with the coldness of the winter season in Indiana, and you may focus on staying warm using your heating system. In the meantime, your air conditioning system quietly sits in its place, idle and waiting for the summer sun to come. As it lies in wait for the season, cleaning and maintaining it now can actually be a good idea.

Hire Professionals without Hassle

People will demand less from air conditioning professionals this season, making winter the best time to perform repairs or deep maintenance. Have your AC system checked for issues. At the same time, you can have air duct cleaning in Indiana to clear out debris or critters that have entered the air ducts.

Clean While Unused

As for simpler maintenance tasks, why not do them on your own. As you already know, you have to replace or clean your air conditioning filters. Winter can be the best time for this task, especially when you did not do it before the winter season. You can also clean your air conditioner evaporator and condenser coils from years of dirt buildup.

Cover Outdoor Units

For the winter, you will also have to cover or store your air conditioning unit. More of a protective practice than a maintenance practice, covering your (outdoor) unit can keep snow and debris from wreaking havoc on it. When you have a window unit, you can take it out and store it.

Store Window Units

To store a window AC unit, remove it from its place and put it inside its packaging box — if you still have it. Store the unit upright to keep its oils evenly distributed. The garage or utility room can be a great place to store your AC, but make sure rodents have no access to it.

With the practices above, your air conditioning can be prepped and ready well before summer comes. You can expect it to work efficiently and smoothly by then.