4 Design Tips For Your Dream Homes

Your Dream Home in CairnsAre you planning to build your new home in Cairns, Queensland, Australia? Whether you are buying a property that is ready for moving in or building one from the ground, here are some design tips that can help you design your dream home.

High Storage Cabinets for the Bathroom

Whether you have a large or small space for your bathrooms, build high cabinets for storage so you don’t need to DIY anything when the need arises, because there will always be a need for extra storage space.

Install Double Shower Heads

There are many advanced shower devices in the market today, but you can replicate the luxury in installing two shower heads in opposite directions. It’s the same luxury for the fraction of the cost!

Build a Loft in your Garage

If you plan to a lot of DIY and home projects, having a loft in your garage where you can relax during breaks can be a real treat. This way, you don’t bring the dust and grime from the garage to the house if you want to relax and have a beer.

Go for Open-Layout

These days, an open-layout scheme is becoming more and more popular. Many homeowners prefer the absence of unnecessary walls that make homes look cramped and feel claustrophobic. An open-layout scheme also allows you to move around furniture whenever you feel like giving your space a new look.

One of the top tips when building your dream home is to maximise the space you have but also allow space for future expansions. After all, families grow. You can work with home builders to create the blueprint of your dream home and work on the budget to see how much it’ll cost. This way, you can tweak any plans to ensure you’re spending money on the features that matter most.