4 Interesting Ways to Use a Carport

Carport with shared roof

Most people who build carports to shelter their vehicles end up pleasantly surprised by the numerous other functions these simple structures afford them. Besides keeping your car from the destructive pounding of the snow and the scorching heat of the sun, a carport can also serve these four purposes.

Outdoor entertainment area

Brisbane carports have for a long time been converted into social areas by many homeowners. Simply set up several deck chairs and one or two picnic tables, and you and your friends have a cool area to enjoy a party or barbecue. It’s perfect to have fun without worrying about the harmful rays of the summer sun.

Storage for other vehicles

If you recently downsized your car, then you now have room to store that caravan that’s been sitting on the curb months. Or you could keep your boat in that extra space. These additional vehicles are important investments too and need a place to live, away from the harsh elements.

A personal gym

So you are a fitness enthusiast but don’t have enough room in your house for a gym. How about using your carport as a gym when the car is out? Of course, you won’t leave your expensive fitness equipment out there after working out. Once you are through with the workout, you can lock them away in a chest or locker.

Space for an outdoor cinema

No need to keep waiting for the theatre to open. Why not have your very own cinema at home, right there in your carport? Just get a few chairs, fasten a sheet, turn on the projector and grab some popcorn. Now you are ready for the movie night.

As you can see, there are many ways to make use of an empty carport. If you haven’t already invested in one, perhaps this is the project you need to do this year.