4 Red Flags that Tell You the SEO Expert You’re Hiring is a Hack

SEO Experts in DenverSo, you’ve finally decided that you need to invest more in your company’s SEO. You may want to generate leads, get more traffic, or make more sales. Whatever your reasons are, it’s a good thing you’ve decided to take the leap.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people know how to do SEO well, which leaves the field open to plenty of scammers pretending to be SEO experts.

The best SEO firms in Denver shouldn’t have to go to such tacky lengths to sell their services. Look for a reputable firm with a solid track record, customized plans, and long-term strategy for your website. And look out for the following red flags.

1. SEO “Copywriting”

Writing for websites has changed. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and changing the natural spelling of words just to match keywords. Google has changed its algorithm and no longer favors content that serve nothing to readers. Its high-quality content for humans that’s makes it to the top of Google these days.

2. Guaranteed Page Rank

There is literally nothing anyone can do to guarantee rankings. Rankings are dynamic, not static, and your website is bound to rise and fall within the SERPs (search engine results pages) every now and then depending on a variety of things. Anyone promising a fixed position in Google is, by all means, a hack.

3. One-size-fits-all Package

Every website is different. You have different audiences and goals and you’ll need different SEO strategies to get where you want. Your SEO expert should tailor their strategies specifically to your needs. If they insist upon giving you the same thing they offered someone else, refuse and run.

4. Promises “Insider” Knowledge

The only way to be great at SEO is to have years of experience and experimenting on what works and what doesn’t. Legitimate SEO employees, and even Google’s own employees themselves, don’t have full access to the algorithm that determines which website is ranked and which doesn’t. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

When looking to hire an SEO expert for your firm, the best thing to do is to do your research. Ask the firm for references and evaluate their work yourself if you’re knowledgeable. Inquire about their ranking methods and make sure they use only 100% pure white-hat strategies.