A Brief Sprinkler System Repair Guide

Close-up of water sprinkler

Thanks to your sprinkler, you wouldn’t have to worry about taking a huge chunk of your time every day to water the lawn. But like other tools around your home, there would come a time when your sprinkler system will be faulty and would need some overdue maintenance and repair.

Sprinkler system repairs are easily available in Utah from firms such as Utah Sprinkler. Below are some signs to help you determine whether or not calling a professional is due.

Controller problems

One of the most obvious signs that your sprinkler system needs repair is when you cannot control the whole system. However, before panicking, make sure you turn on your water system correctly and, that, other things are properly in place.

Sometimes, forgetting to switch on a part is all you need to solve the problem.

Faulty water pressure

You should be able to control the pressure coming out of your sprinkler system. Fluctuating water pressure means there might be something amiss in the system that needs fixing.


Puddles should not be present in your lawn especially during the dry season. But if they are, it usually means your sprinkler system is leaking and needs repairs. Be observant and check for puddles and their locations.

Uneven grass color

Grass should be green in all parts of your lawn. If a part of your lawn is not, a faulty sprinkler system is likely the one to blame. Uneven grass color is often a result of uneven sprinkling. The lack of water on one part will definitely dry up and leave your grass with a brown color.

Get out your lawn and look for these tell-tale signs. Once you see any of it, contact a sprinkler repair service center and have your problem fixed immediately.