A Home’s Location Is Important to a Relative with Dementia — Here’s Why

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Location is one of the important factors in choosing a home if you highly prefer convenience in meeting your needs mostly if you have a loved one suffering from dementia. You need to consider a home location for a dementia patient to ensure that your loved one is comfortable and is getting the care he or she needs.

Home location is as important a factor for a dementia patient

Dementia patients are at high risk of wandering. They could walk out of the house and into the road due to boredom, disorientation, or side effects of the medicines they take. Since buying a home is a long-term investment, comparing real estate reviews through outlets such as Property Survey could be your first step in choosing a home location.

When you narrow down your search, you might want to speak with an agent and ask if the home is in a friendly and safe neighborhood or what kind of modifications you can make. These are important factors for you to coordinate with neighbors in the case that you could not find your loved one. You may also consider a home that’s close to hospitals to meet your loved one’s emergency needs.

When is the time to choose nursing home facilities?

You may consider bringing your loved one to a nursing home facility if their dementia has progressed to Alzheimer’s disease. A nursing home could be your best option if your relative requires close care and monitoring, and if they are longer fit to live in a regular home.

Agitated dementia patients could endanger themselves and maybe others. A nursing home that specializes in dementia care could provide and understand all your loved one’s needs. When choosing a nursing home facility, visit the place and see for yourself the environment. It’s the best way to find out if your loved one will like it.

Choosing a home location could be more stressful if you will live with a loved one with dementia. Aside from a regular home, a nursing home facility is your other option if your relative’s dementia symptoms become unbearable.