A Timeless Classic: Kitchen Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Kitchen Interior With Countertops

Decorating and redecorating your kitchen can be tiring. Fixing up this, replacing that — there are plenty of things to consider when you want to switch things up.

Following up on the trends that change almost every year is also a hassle. Another alternative, if constant change isn’t as appealing to you as it is for others, is to style the place up following certain themes and trends that have never died down. They are called classics for a reason, after all.

What is Considered Classic

Generally speaking, classical trends are those that have been accepted by most of the population as timeless. The color white, for example, is considered a classic theme for kitchens to express a clean environment. Countertops made of stone materials like quartz, granite, ceramic, or marble remain as popular as ever for being able to resist bacteria.

The idea of what’s classic doesn’t mean just one thing, though, particularly when it comes to your kitchen. There’s still individual style, colors, and preferences to consider. It is your own home, your kitchen. The design should be something you like and enjoy seeing. A team of professionals from Accent Interiors recommends that you carefully plan and invest time in planning out how you want your kitchen to look.

Trending Through the Years

Seasons change, and so do styles and trends. The year 2015 saw the popularity of furniture-style designs in the kitchen such as island countertops designed to look like a desk. 2016 was also the year of the kitchen-living space, where the kitchen easily blended in with living room furniture.

For 2017, storage solutions became a thing. For classic styles, however, they ebb and flow, coming and going, but never staying away altogether. It is rewarding when you see all your hard work come together to bring to life what you’ve only seen in your head, whether they are trending or classic.