Adventures for Couples: 10 Things to Do with Your Partner in St. George, UT

Pine Valley Mountain

Pine Valley MountainFor people who love the outdoors, geology, history, and the arts, there’s no better place to visit in the United States than St. George in Utah.

With three layers of sedimentary bedrock that span the Jurassic period, the Triassic period, and the Permian period, St. George’s unique geological features are a magnet for crowds. Its rich cultural heritage and history adds a certain allure to its fun-filled theme parks and learner-centered museums.

Here are your top 10 things to do while you and your partner are in St. George, Utah:

  1. Visit the St. George Temple and admire the architectural wonder, as well as the awe-inspiring landscape.
  2. Visit the various geological formations found around St. George. Start with the Kaibab Limestone along Horseman Park Drive, then go to the Moenkopi and the Shinarump Conglomerate. Find the Chinle, Moenave, and Kayenta formations. Don’t forget the Navajo Sandstone.
  3. Take a stroll in the anticline of the Virgin River. Here, you’ll be greeted by the walls of the Purgatory Flats brought about by erosion.
  4. Marvel at the largest piece of granite in the world, a laccolith, in the Pine Valley Mountain. Enjoy fishing, camping, and hiking on the many trails that line the valley.
  5. Visit the origins of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormons. Revisit the many infrastructures of the self-sufficient community of early settlers.
  6. Play catch-me-if-you-can with your partner while trying to conquer your claustrophobia at the Peek-a-boo Gulch. The geologic feature is known as a slot canyon and is a favorite among hikers taking the narrow slit through the bedrock.
  7. Enjoy the arts in the Coyote Gulch Art Village in the Kayenta area. Here you will find four galleries, an arboretum, and a pottery studio.
  8. Go mountain-biking. Start off at Moab and head to the Slickrock for 12 miles of exhilarating fun and awesome sights.
  9. Visit the Snow Canyon State Park for more biking and hiking trails.
  10. Play golf. Many know the region for its beautiful greens with challenges for different skill levels. suggests finding accommodations that include golf courses so you don’t forget to do this activity.

There sure are plenty of things couples can do while in St. George, Utah. Because of its unique geological features, it’s best for couples who enjoy the outdoors and the arts.