Avoid Juvenile Delinquency: After School Activities for Your Teen

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Juvenile crime is a national problem, and a serious one at that. In Ohio, violent crimes committed by kids juvenile crime in ohioaged 10 to 18 has reached more than 4,000 cases in one year alone. This means that every day, 10 crimes or more of rape, murder, robbery, and aggravated assault happen all because of teenage criminals.

Experts explain that being rejected and not being able to socialize properly are large predictors of criminal behavior in teenagers. Even Law Offices of Steven R. Adams agrees. So, parents are encouraged to promote after school and extra-curricular activities to enhance teenagers’ social skills.

Fortunately, the government pitches in to help. This article shares the must-try activities dedicated to help the youth.

Sports and Other Physical Activities

Sports are one of the most popular afterschool activities that many participate in. It’s both beneficial for your teenager’s health and social life. Through sports, your teenager can adopt a healthy lifestyle, and become socially active.

Community Service and Volunteer Programs

Volunteering at the local community center can help teenagers connect with the rest of the people in your community. This brings a sense of belongingness. At the same time, it empowers teenagers, making them feel like they can do something and make a difference.

What’s more, teenagers who volunteer can use their experience when applying for jobs. This is especially applicable to teenagers with unfavorable backgrounds.

Field Trips

Field trips are fun. Some teenagers learn more from their field trips than from lessons being taught to them in schools. You can bring your teenagers to museums, local attractions, historical sites, parks, aquariums, and zoos.


The US Department of Education has developed a website that provides parents with hacks and strategies about afterschool activities. These activities are available and it highlights an academic connection to what teenagers learn in school.

According to the National Institute of Justice, afterschool programs tailored to the individuality of teenagers, rather than small groups, are more effective in preventing juvenile delinquencies. For this reason, you should pick activities that can enrich your teenager’s independence and unique character.

Lawyers for juvenile cases note that every parent should not forget to be involved with what your teenager is getting into.