Bathrooms for Elderly: Designing Them for Safety

senior couple standing by in the bathroom

Slipping on the bathroom floor is one of the most common reasons seniors get into accidents and injuries that are sometimes life-threatening. The only way to prevent this is to design a bathroom that suits their needs.

Having a bathroom for seniors is not that difficult because the materials you need are readily available on the market. All you need to do is learn how to design it. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Customized bathtub

Portable or walk-in bathtubs for seniors are available in many online and offline stores. explains that skipping the traditional tubs can help reduce slips and falls and allow someone to take a bath comfortably.

Proper lighting

Poor eyesight often accompanies aging. Make sure the bathroom has proper lighting to allow the elderly to see clearly.

Grab bars

Install grab bars in all possible locations to reduce the risks of slips and falls. This can also prevent one’s head from hitting the floor.

Non-slip mats

Even the slightest water puddle in the bathroom can cause slips. Have non-slip mats in and outside the tub to prevent accidents. You can find them in home improvement shops and online stores.

Raised toilets

Raised toilet seats can make doing business easier and more comfortable to every senior. This, along with a grab bar can help one sit and stand more comfortably.

Bigger space

Design a bigger space and avoid clutter. Seniors should have enough space to move around and maintain balance.

Designing a bathroom for the elderly is possible if you take note of the important things to include and exclude. Keep these tips in mind and see how your loved ones will enjoy the comfort of your home’s bathroom without worrying about their safety.