Breaking Up is Hard to Do — Why Marriage and Divorce Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

Divorce in ColoradoMany people seek lifetime companionship. Sometimes, this may involve romantic relationships while others have less than the ideal storybook arrangements. For those that end up married, there may be instances when those involved realize their set up wasn’t quite everything they hoped it would be.

What It Takes

In Colorado, only a marriage found to be irretrievably broken will be granted a divorce, pending other considerations such as residency in Colorado and court jurisdictions. The finding is made when:

  • Both parties swear to it;
  • One party swears to it and it is not refuted; or
  • The parties cannot come to an agreement and the court investigates further.

It is when the marriage is declared irretrievably broken that discussions on assets and other responsibilities begin.

Not Everything is Equal

The first issue when divorce happens is to settle assets. Colorado law does not require the equal division of assets. There is, however, a provision for reasonable allocation for spousal maintenance based on income. Ideally, divorcing spouses should agree upon the alimony, else, these allocations will be discussed through court hearings. Alimony will only be paid for a specific period unless the supported spouse is unable to get enough income independently or have physical custody of young children. The family’s standard of living during the marriage is also taken into account.

The Finer Points

Guidelines for divorce in Denver, CO, and surrounding areas are quite straightforward and easy to understand. However, these procedures can be challenging, especially if there is a lot of emotional baggage involved. Aside from emotions and finances, property divisions can be particularly challenging. It also adds to the matter if there are children involved. To simplify things, it is best to hire a divorce lawyer familiar with Colorado laws. It will save both parties time and unnecessary headaches during what is already a difficult time.

Always consider major decisions carefully before moving forward. By viewing marriage as a partnership, it opens up multiple avenues for ways to mend issues before taking legal action. In this way, neither marriage nor divorce is taken lightly and all affected parties are given as fair treatment as possible.