Building the Pool of Your Dreams

pool and patio in a residential backyard

A swimming pool is a vital part of any property. It can increase your curb property. There are many approaches to your pool construction, especially since new materials to create pools of every shape and design.

These construction trends are aimed at building a pool that is for relaxation and entertainment. Finding a pool contractor in Utah that can help you build a swimming pool that is elegant, modern, and durable may not be as difficult as you think. Here are a few modern trends you can ask pool contractors like Dolphin Pools & Spas to incorporate into your pool construction.

Fire and Water

Homeowners who want to combine functionality, drama and aesthetics now have the option to place fire features around the pool. These include fireplaces and fire pits which light up your pool area and can warm you on cold nights. The glow from the fires reflects on the water and creates a beautiful view at night, which creates a dramatic atmosphere in your pool area.

Use of Characteristic Materials

In the past, inground pools were only finished using mostly white plaster, but this is rapidly changing. These days, contractors use natural stone, glass tiles and pebbles arranged in various ways to give your pool a unique appearance and design.

Pool Automation and Energy Efficiency

Nobody likes pool maintenance, but you need it to keep your pool clean and functional. To help you maintain your pool, choose a pool chemical automation system which would release various chemicals into your pool at set intervals. These chemicals are meant to make your pool hygienic.

You can also choose automated pool heaters and pumps which can help in conserving energy and lessening your utility bills. Solar pool covers are also a good investment for covering your pool. These covers decrease contamination and prevent the pool from absorbing too much heat.

For many, the cost of a pool can be a hindrance, but now there are different materials you can choose to build a swimming pool that fits your budget. They are inexpensive to install thanks to all the recent technological advances in pool construction. Transform your property today with an inground pool.