Burnout: When Your Work Load Gets to You

BurnoutJust about anyone who’s ever worked in an office has encountered the term “burnout”. Most people think this is synonymous with work overload, but although work overload may be one of the contributing factors, it is not the only one. It is not even the top reason in most cases.

Why people experience burnout

There are different reasons for experiencing a burnout at work. In her book The Truth About Burnout: How Organizations Cause Personal Stress and What to Do About It, Christina Maslach explains that today’s workforce is going through some severe burnout experiences. According to her, there are six factors, which she calls “mismatches” that may lead a worker to burn out.

The first of these factors is a lack of control. Maslach explains that lack of control over tasks and outcomes at work can lead to a direct conflict between what a person does and what his values dictate. Lack of sufficient authority and being bossed around by others who are in authority can make work life difficult.

The last of these six mismatches, believe it or not, is work overload. Sometimes, your company or your direct supervisor may have demands that exceed normal human capacity. There are times when the scale of the load does not match the little time that is given to accomplish them.

What you should do

It may not be the same for everyone or for every case. Mismatches that cause burnout, after all, are not the same. But for many, travel is an effective cure for job burnouts and other stresses. Consider scheduling a trip now and then. If you don’t have the budget for an expensive cruise, you can think about more affordable yet more meaningful holidays, such as an LDS trip, which could just be the experience that will rid you of your burnout, according to Cruise Lady.

Stress and burning out are interlinked, and the result is not healthy for anyone, no matter how high your tolerance is for such things. Try different ways that work for ridding yourself of work-related stress. Travel will get you feeling better and ready to face your job once again.