Career Path of a Paralegal

Paralegal OfferA career as a paralegal offers you several options once you get your degree. Choose to pursue higher education by becoming a lawyer, or if you are unsure, become an assistant to gain the experience you need. You also have the choice to follow a career that is not within the legal industry, because of the skills and training you got acquiring your paralegal certificate or degree.

Career as a Lawyer

Paralegal online degrees provide you with the skills and training to become a lawyer. This program is an ideal alternative for those who don’t want to enter law school immediately. With the courses offered, you learn about the legal industry and get to know about the different aspects of law. This is useful for those who are unsure about which type of law they want to study, whether it is criminal or corporate.

Legal Assistant

If you don’t want to become a lawyer, but want to work in the legal industry, a paralegal degree allows you to get a job as an assistant. This enables you to learn more about law and your chosen specialization. There are several firms and companies who will need your expertise, regardless of their industry. You can use your skills in insurance, medical, corporate and other fields that need someone who understands the law.


Paralegals have the option to hone their craft and boost their skills in a certain specialization. With your degree, you can specialize in fields such as laws and their implementation in insurance, medicine, business and others. This allows you to get contacts, increase salary and gain experience.

Non-Legal Career Path

You have an option to go into journalism, teaching and other related professions after you complete your degree. The training you got during your program allowed you to develop skills such as critical thinking, gathering evidence and presenting them in an understandable way allows you to get a job that needs these skills.

A degree as a paralegal opens plenty of doors for you, regardless of the industry you choose, whether it is in legal or otherwise.