Choosing Protective Eyewear: What You Should Consider

Worker wearing protective face shield while welding

According to a study by Prevent Blindness America, over 125,000 people injure their eyes while working at home, while 700,000 do so at work. Another 40,000 children and adults sustain eye injuries during sports activities. Hundreds of other cases go unreported.

Wearing safety glasses can help prevent up to 90 percent of all possible eye injuries. As such, companies and individuals are encouraged provide and wear protective eyewear while working in an environment that poses threats to the eyes.

You must think about the following factors when choosing safety eyeglasses:

Impact resistance

The primary purpose of eyewear is to resist and minimise the impact of the job on the eyes. The level of impact varies depending on the type of substance or object that you are exposed to. As such, there are various types and standards of eyewear for every job or working environment. That means you should identify the material that you will be dealing with, its energy, and corrosive levels before buying protective eyewear.

Proper fit

The style and fit are always underestimated in safety eyewear. However, it should come as a vital determinant since uncomfortable or ill-fitting protective eyewear is likely to be removed by the user frequently. To ensure that you get a perfect fit, get personalised eyewear with your particular measurement and test it before use.

The level of protection needed

Protective glasses usually come with a side shield for lateral protection. But they should be carefully selected and installed to prevent blockage of the side field view. Furthermore, if you need protection for more than just your eyes, then a face protection is recommended. But misting is one of the most common issues related to this method. As such, always use the respiratory equipment.

Always note that all workers and guests should have protective eyewear regardless of how short their stay is on your premises. Focus on quality, fit, and safety when shopping for protective glasses.