Cold Weather, Good Company: Planning a Winter Cocktail Party


cocktailThey say it’s best to enjoy the cold weather when you have company. While you can stay at home and let the snow pass, you can throw a cocktail party with your close friends. This is a great way to reconnect and catch up. It’s also the time to witness all of your fun sides and enjoy a simple winter celebration.

Here are some tips for your winter party:

Design a Great Invitation

Although the winter season isn’t as explosive as summer when it comes to parties, you can still get people excited with an amazing invitation. Don’t just send a plain card to your guests; create a spectacular winter-themed design for your invitations. Make sure the party details are clear and easy to understand. Send out the invitations four to six weeks in advance, so your guests can squeeze in your little winter get-together in their holiday plans.

Pick a Venue and Dedicate a Central Space

It doesn’t have to be necessarily winter-related, but your party venue must be appealing and big enough. Whatever theme your party is, make sure there’s a central space for attendees to get their refreshments. Check different cocktail party venues before making a final decision. Lychee Lounge also recommends considering the number of guests that you’ll be expecting, as well as the overall mood of your party.

Ready a Signature Drink

A signature drink will make your party special. Prepare your favourite cocktail mix and have them ready before guests arrive. You can serve the drink at the door as a way of welcoming your guests. This can also set the mood for the entire party.

Cocktail parties are always fun. You don’t need to be all glitzy to make it a night that your guests will remember. What matters most is that everyone will have the best time during the party.

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