Common Reasons for Noisy Water Pipes


Strange noises from the water pipes in a home especially at night are a regular occurrence for most people. It is no wonder that many homeowners ignore these sounds and continue enjoying their beauty sleep. While they should be no cause of worry most of the time, you should not ignore banging noises.

Banging noises could be an indication of a serious plumbing issue, and it is at this point that you should call one of the many reliable Salt Lake City plumbers to have the issue checked out. So, what could be the cause of these plumbing noises?

1. Water Hammer

This is the sound produced once running water bangs against the shut-off valve. This mostly happens when water is running fast and is unexpectedly turned off. The effect of a water hammer is the destruction of the connections in water pipe and joints. Installing water hammer arrestors or having the air chamber checked often solves this issue.

2. Copper Pipes

Copper is a good conductor of heat, and as expected, it tends to expand as hot water passes through it. As it expands, especially if installed in tight quarters, it tends to noisily rub against any structural features near it, such as joists and support brackets. The most realistic solution to the problem is to lower the water temperature. As a precaution, always ensure that you have foam placed around copper pipes during their installation.

3. High Water Pressure

High water pressure not only leads to noise in the pipes. It also can cause damage to water-supplied appliances such as a dishwasher and washing machine. The best way to deal with high water pressure is to have a pressure regulator installed where the water supply enters your home. Moreover, the ideal water pressure is not higher than 80 PSI and not lower than 40 PSI.

The secret to having plumbing noises gone forever is by having them checked by an experienced plumber. Better yet, get it right from the start. You would not have gone through such issues if a plumber who took the necessary precautions did the original plumbing of the house.