Dental Care for Children Begins at Infancy

Dental Care

Dental Care in LakevilleEverything a child enjoys, they develop into a habit. Take for instance when it comes to playing. The same could be true with brushing the teeth. Children will make brushing a habit if they find it enjoyable.

Oral Care for Infants

How parents introduce this activity to a child will determine a child’s reaction to it. Lakeville dental care specialists say that the earlier and the more proper it is done, the more positive the response would be.

How early should this activity be introduced to a child then? Parents are advised to observe oral care for their children as early as infancy. They can start cleaning the infant’s gums a few days after they’re born.

A visit to a family dentist before a child’s first birthday can help ensure that the infant’s teeth and gums are cared for properly. There will be fussing at first, for sure, but babies will get used to dental care as if it is normal like cleaning other parts of their body.

Parents can continue caring for their babies’ oral health at home by regularly brushing their teeth until their child is comfortable handling the toothbrush. Flossing must be introduced as soon as two teeth start to touch.

It’s also important to supervise kids while brushing their teeth. Kids below three years old must use fluoride toothpaste that is no more than the size of a grain of rice and a pea-sized amount for children above three. Kids should also know they can’t swallow the toothpaste.

Other Concerns

Awareness is an important part of these preventive dental care activities. Parents should know about teething timeline and issues like how baby bottle and pacifiers can promote tooth decay. Proper selection and use of these products will make your child feel comfortable using it and prevent causing dental problems as well.

Planning and knowing what’s going on with a baby’s teeth and gums are parents best defense against poor oral health. And instilling the habit of brushing the teeth in their children plays a big role in preventing it.