Don’t let a Hockey Helmet Take the Fun out of Your Bull Riding

Bull RidingWhat’s dangerous may be another word for what’s fun. Even veteran World Champ Bull Rider Kody Lostroh agrees that bull riding is certainly no sport for the halfhearted. But that doesn’t mean the sport is going away anytime soon; on the contrary, even with all the bloodshed, bets are on the rise.

A bull riding helmet may not help you dodge a bullet. And yet, it could be your best protection against the dangerous hoofs and unforgiving horns of a rampaging bull, A.A. Callister’s notes.

Taking It to the Limit

Bull riding is an extreme sport for some, but in Wyoming, South Dakota and Texas, it’s an official state sport. Definitely, with PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association) all set up to regulate the sports it’s a sport that’s as competitive as it gets.

Ultimately, with all that excitement comes danger. If there was any sport with danger organized right into it, bull riding could be in the running as one of the most dangerous. And this has a lot to do with the bull.

Pro riding champion Kody Lostroh confirms that thanks to better breeding programs more “good bulls” are on the scene. For a rodeo rider this means he will be face to face with bulls that buck harder, jump higher and do all sorts of twists and turns far stronger than before.

Protecting Your Asset

An injury to the extremities may not be as harmful as an injury to the head, so this only makes protective headgear a must. Many may have poked fun into the helmet, branding it as just a spin-off of the more popular hockey helmet. However, bull riding helmets have come of age and brandish protective technology at its best.

Not only are they getting lighter, helmets for bull riding are getting stronger. Such powerful protection diminishes your chances of a head injury should a bull run turn south – as they usually do.

With a robust bull riding helmet wrapped neatly around your head, you get to enjoy bull riding as much as your heart desires.