Don’t Put These Things Off – They’re Disastrous to Your Health!

Woman Brushing Her Teeth“Later” is one of the most overused words in the American language. While this may sound innocent, it can have disastrous effects if what you are putting off are things that concern your overall health.

Putting things off, especially things concerning health, is second nature to many. Sometimes, the effects of procrastinating on your health aren’t readily felt such as putting off eating your plate of broccoli. While many may have not taken the steps to overcome this bad habit, there are certain things you cannot put off as doing so could be disastrous to your health!

Taking a Bath

You might think, “Hey, nothing will happen if you don’t bathe.” Well, according to Huffington Post, you are piling up germs, bacteria and a host of fungi on your skin and hair when you don’t bathe. As a result, you’ll stink, you open up yourself to diseases like diarrhea and influenza, and you are prone to dermatitis neglecta, an icky skin condition you surely wouldn’t want to have.

Brushing Your Teeth

Realistically speaking, your face will not change if you missed brushing your teeth. However, think about the number of bacteria that are laughing their hearts out whenever you don’t expose them to toothpaste and those samurai-like brush strokes. If you don’t brush your teeth, you are prone to suffer from cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis and a lot more “-itis.”

Repairing Dentures

If you feel something wrong with your dentures, don’t ever think of putting off repairing it. Look for a good clinic offering denture repair in Mesa, Arizona. Think about this, you are at a social gathering and while you are busy making your spiel, your dentures fell off just because you neglected to visit a clinic for denture repair in Mesa AZ. Now that is something you don’t want to ever happen, right?

Washing Your Face at Night

If you love wearing makeup, and even if you don’t, it is best to wash your face before you sleep. It will take only a few steps to the bathroom, so try not to put this off for the following day. Good Housekeeping mentioned that failure to remove makeup at night causes irreversible damage to the skin. When you have your makeup on, you clog your pores, thereby rendering it difficult for your skin to breathe.

Peeing When You Feel the Urge

Urinating when you feel the urge to do so is very important to maintain good health. When you feel like peeing, don’t hold it as it could lead to urinary tract infection. While this can be treated with antibiotics, it is still better not to suffer from it.

Procrastinating on health matters can be disastrous. So don’t put off taking a bath, brushing teeth, repairing dentures, washing the face and urinating. You’ll live better days when you heed these things.