Dressing Kitchen Windows the Right Way

kitchen window

kitchen windowThe kitchen is undoubtedly one of the busier, if not the busiest room inside the house. It is for this very reason that practical and durable window treatments are necessary. Proper window treatments will give it the style and functionality you need. What you put up on the windows should also add a sense of softness while standing up to the potential heat and moisture that is a reality in the kitchen.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune when dressing kitchen windows. There are plenty of ideas that can protect, style, and beautify your cooking space. The following are essential when choosing kitchen window treatments:

Light Control

Opaque window treatments are ideal for sufficient sunlight protection.  Boardwalk.com.au suggests using shutters or blinds made from vinyl or aluminium to block out the sun. Blackout curtains and shades are also a good option for layering light. If your budget permits, consider installing new windows with E-coating or lining existing windowpanes.


Add life and a pop of colour to the entire space with printed window treatments. Add or drape a patterned fabric over a single window to make a statement. Roman and roller shades are a nice choice, too, as they reveal patterns and textures when lowered. For additional décor, choose fabrics with catching designs, hues, and style.


Add a temporary layer of privacy with curtains, blinds, and shutters that you can close easily. If you’re looking for consistent privacy, choose window treatments that let you see out and permit some daylight to pass, but block views in. Roller shades made from woven materials or sheer fabric curtains can do the trick.


Window treatments near the stove or sink will gather odours and splatters from cooking oils and dishwasher. This makes it important to choose window treatments that are easy to clean and maintain.

Vinyl blinds and shutters are perfect for the area, as you can wipe down the slats with a damp cloth. Avoid cellular shades and curtains, as they are just ideal in the breakfast nook.

Choose unique window treatments that offer style and functionality. Make sure to consider sun control, decoration, privacy, and maintenance for protection and beauty.

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