Factors to Consider when Building a Cattle Stop

Cattle FarmingEvery business person protects his investment. Ranch owners and cattle farmers are no different. Constructing a good cattle stop goes a long way in ensuring that cattle are within the area you intend them to be. This makes it easy to control disease infestations and spreading, which is important for maximum productivity.

Here are some factors you need to look before building a cattle stop.

Choose the right material

Considering the use of cattle stops, you need materials that are long lasting and durable. Different manufacturers offer different types of metals, but pure steel is highly recommended. Beware of manufacturers that offer used pipes because they are less likely to last the distance.


This is the second most crucial factor to consider when searching for the best cattle stop. Most service providers will offer you the exact size you want. Nonetheless looking at the standard sizes provided in the market is important. You may have to call an expert to help you make the right choices, depending on the location you need to construct the stop.


Cattle stops may look similar, but they have certain variations depending on the manufacturer. You can choose between the vertically flush setting or front and rear skirting design, depending on your personal taste.

Cost and convenience

Cattle stops have been difficult to ship and transport because of their wings and the probability damage in transit. Find a manufacturer that has adjustable cattle stop designs, allowing for easy transport. You can also purchase cattle stops and the wings independently, making it cheaper and convenient to carry.

There are numerous cattle stop ranges available on the market. Research and read about the suppliers before making your purchase.