Fibreglass Pools: Why the Sudden Shift?

With the wide variety of pool choices available in the market today, choosing which type to install in your home can be quite challenging. There are various materials used to build a pool, with concrete and vinyl topping the list.

But there is one option that is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners today: fibreglass. Various homes in Perth are installing fibreglass swimming pools for a variety of reasons, and the shift is becoming more and more evident.

Here are some of the reasons it is now the preferred choice of material.

Fast installation

Fibreglass swimming pools have pre-made shells you can just easily install in your homes. Therefore, instead of waiting up to six weeks to finish, which is the average wait time for the construction of a concrete pool, it only takes two weeks or less, and you can already enjoy your fibreglass pool.

Low maintenance

Fibreglass is resistant to algae growth, which makes this kind of pool very low-maintenance. It also does not need liner replacements or resurfacing like the vinyl ones. In short, once you have your fibreglass pool installed, all you need is regular cleaning to maintain its good surface finish.


Because you can easily install fibreglass pools in less than two weeks, you immediately save on labour costs. Also, the materials used in fabricating a fibreglass pool are less expensive than in other methods.

Aesthetic finish

Like in any other type of pool, you can have steps, benches, coves and sun decks in a fibreglass swimming pool. This means that there is no limitation to its design, as it can accommodate what you may want or require in a pool.

Are you thinking of upgrading your pool soon? Educate yourself about fibreglass pools and see what the fuss is all about. Who knows, this might be a perfect fit for you or your family.