Fight Back Against Mold with Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

Damp spots and black, green or brown fuzzy patches on your walls are a sure sign of household mold.  This unwelcome house guest not only looks unsightly and smells bad, but it can also damage your property and cause health problems. As mold damages the surfaces that it grows on, a severe case can affect the structure of the building.

If you notice damp and mold, you should do something about it before you and your family develop symptoms. This is where a professional mold removal company comes in handy.

Health Problems Associated with Mold

Mold that is left to grow can cause allergies, respiratory problems and infections.  Living in a damp home can trigger a runny nose, sore throat, wheezing and asthma. It is associated with the development of asthma in people who have no history of previous asthma and can rarely cause hypersensitivity reactions.

Inhaling mold spores may result in sinusitis – inflammation and blockage of the nasal passages. If you or your child keep having stuffy or runny noses, sneezing and coughing and your symptoms don’t go away, it may not be cold.  You could be suffering from the effects of mold exposure.

Fight Back Against Mold

You can fight back against the mold by bringing in the experts. Trained mold specialists can assess your property and remove the mold.  Mold can be removed by spraying the walls with disinfectant, HEPA filtration, deep cleaning of household items and furniture and in extreme cases, removal of the drywall and insulation to get your home looking and smelling clean again.

Take action immediately. Call an expert cleaning team dedicated to protecting your health and your property. They also provide water damage restoration, carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services when you need an extra helping hand.