Five Web Design Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

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web userAnyone can create a website thanks to the different tools available online. Nonetheless, it’s easy to fall for web design mistakes that can turn away visitors, as well. Instead of gaining more for your business, your site might be driving away the potential market.

When it comes to web design, you must avoid the following mistakes:

Cluttered Homepage

First impressions last and The Web Shop Design & Marketing believes this concept applies to your homepage, as well. Nothing turns off visitors more than a cluttered homepage. When it comes to designing the homepage, remember that less is more. The best websites present their visitors with engaging, relevant content minus the distracting graphics and wall of text.

Poor Navigation

Visitors are less likely to waste time looking around your site for information. You might eventually lose them with too many clicks and wrongly placed buttons. Site navigation should be intuitive and logical. The pages should be accessible with consistent navigation links.

Outdated Content

Keep your content fresh and interesting to make your visitors come back again. Frequent updates also affect your Google ranking. Answer questions and publish new articles regularly. After all, nobody would bother with an abandoned site.


Using flash can affect the loading time of your website. This causes problems for the web design and ruins the overall visitor experience. Instead of adding flash plugin, go for CSS designs. This makes more sense if you’re building a content-based website.

Pop-up Windows

There’s a reason that browsers and third party tools are actively blocking pop-up windows—they are distracting. Pop-up windows can disrupt a visitor’s experience by overloading them with offers and unnecessary content, so make sure your site doesn’t run any of these distractions.

There’s a big difference between a website that converts and a website that just exists for the business. If you want to attract visitors and drive them down the conversion funnel, you should gear your site towards a more user-friendly design.

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