Four Facts About Monaco That Will Leave You in Awe

Port Hercules in Monaco

No other place in the world can claim being the land of the rich and famous more than Monaco. This principality is one of the wealthiest. At least one in every fifty-six of the residents can call themselves as millionaires. But, you cannot judge it based on its income alone.

Here are some of the best interesting facts about Monaco — and why moving there is an excellent decision:

You can move there with ease.

One of the best things about Monaco is that it is accessible. It is very close to France and has many flights to different parts of Europe. It also has a port. Regardless, moving to Monaco can still be challenging, though, especially if you are not from the continent.

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It has one of the lowest poverty rates.

Monaco has the second highest GPD per nominal capita in the world. Moreover, it has a much higher average income than the US. For example, on the average, a person in Monaco earns $88,000 as gross salary. Americans, on the other hand, have about $50,000.

Note, though, that the city-state is more expensive than New York. Considering it is densely populated, Monaco’s buildings can be worth $58,000 per square metre.

It is a very safe country.

Experts agree that Monaco is the safest place in Europe. It has no more than 520 police officers. The population is very small as evidenced by the fact that less than 38,000 people live there. The microstate is also much smaller than Central Park.

Do you dream of rubbing elbows with the rich or getting a front seat in the next Grand Prix? How about having quick and easy access to the rest of Europe? Now you can in Monaco.