Frozen: Signs Your Pipes Have Ice Inside

Frozen Pipe Repair in Salt Lake City
When winter comes in, a lot of homeowners worry about how their homes will make it through. This season can be detrimental to the structure of your home, especially if you haven’t made any preparation.

Your home’s plumbing system may suffer from the effects of winter. Due to the temperature, the water may freeze inside the tubes and affect their integrity.

Industry experts at recommend looking at the following signs:

Where’s the water?

The first sign you need to watch out for is the lack of water coming out of the faucet. As the water froze, the incoming water from the source will be blocked. As a result, the flow of water will be compromised. There are some occasions when there’s no water will come out. Fragments of ice may also go with the flow. If you’re living in a rented apartment, tell your landlord about it.

What’s that sound?

Strange sounds or noise may come from the sink and toilet. This is caused by the air that is blocked by the frozen water. You need to address this as soon as possible. Otherwise, the tubes may expand, which will result in burst pipes.

What to do?

If you suspect that the pipes have frozen water, it’s time that you inspect the areas in your home that have pipes. Check the pipes located in attics or in basements, as these are the places that are susceptible to cold temperatures. To regulate the temperature in these areas, you may improve the insulation or put a dehumidifier.

These are only some of the signs that your pipes have frozen water. Take action as soon as possible to prevent dealing with burst pipes. More importantly, consult a reliable licensed plumber. You may find one via the Internet or ask for recommendations from family and friends.