Gardening: Adding Texture and Contrast with Steel Ornaments

Adding Texture and Contrast to Your Garden

Adding Texture and Contrast to Your GardenTo make beautiful gardens means having the ability to grow plants and arrange them in a pleasing manner. Generally, gardeners achieve these with contrast, repetition, and rhythm through plants and add-on features like metal ornaments.

One metal garden décor you can use is steel. This metal is durable and comes in different heights, textures, colors, and forms. When looking for ways to add contrast to your garden through steel fixtures and ornaments, here are some ideas for inspiration.

Make a garden accent

Make an attractive or interesting garden accent through incorporating a colorful steel bench or trellis, or bringing in metal sculptures and steel pipes. Using a pair of symmetrical steel pots, with a smooth and bright surface, is a simple way to add accent. Plant grasses that don’t require mowing, to create a formal feel.

Create an art garden

Human sculptures, as well as elaborate and sometimes quirky garden borders and shields, can be used for artistic expression. Common functional garden elements like wooden potting bench can have steel board and sink.

Bring in a lightweight metal sprinkler in an all-wood potting bench, to add contrast among clay pot displays. Railings may also add appeal to the garden. According to Wasatch Steel, a company specializing in steel products, your choice of railing design says a lot about you, so choose wisely.

Bring in wildlife

When you can’t attract wildlife with your plants, copy their forms instead. For instance, have a sculpted golden steel crane stand tall amidst a green and white garden spot. But if you want both, try having native plants and grasses in your garden, so birds native to the region will be constant visitors.

Meanwhile, spaces filled with hardscapes such as steel balustrades and fences can have a smoother look with ornamental grasses. Growing them in containers can add drama to outdoor spaces like patios and decks. Tender grasses and annual plants are good choices for growing in containers.

While plants make up the majority of gardens, additional features like metal fixtures can also be an integral part of the overall look.