Get Rid of Roof Rats Using Peanut Butter

Mouse Trap in Corona

Mouse Trap in CoronaAfter confirming that you really have roof rats, the next step is to eliminate them. According to pest control experts, trapping is one of the best ways of controlling indoor rats. Baiting is another method, but it uses rodenticides or toxic chemicals for attracting and killing off rats.

Trapping is more eco-friendly and child-friendly since it does not require the use of chemicals. It also allows you to determine where rats died, whereas rats will roam your attic and hide as they die from rodenticides used for baiting. Think of the odor issues you won’t have to deal with.

Setting Up your Roof Rat Traps

Similar to other species of mice and rats, roof rats tend to make their way along the attic walls because they have terrible vision and use walls as a guide to make their way to their habitats. Fortunately for you, they have a robust sense of smell and are nuts over nuts so you could use this to your advantage. An exterminator in Corona suggests using peanut butter for baiting your traps. If things get complicated, Orange Coast Pest Control says you shouldn’t hesitate to get some professional help.

The first thing you have to do when setting up your traps is to use a pastry brush or paint brush to apply peanut butter on the trigger pad. Pull back the snap bar and then secure the clamp. In your attic, place a trap every few feet or so and then place glue traps in between the rat traps rigged with peanut butter. Note that roof rats are smart creatures and could easily retain information so there’s a chance that they’ll steer clear of the baited traps. The glue traps in between the baited traps will help in stopping their escape efforts.

Other Important Things to Note

Apart from being smart, take note that you might encounter some roof rats that are tougher to trap because they’re extra cautious of unfamiliar objects. In this case, you should place your rat traps (without the blue traps in between each) baited and unsecured for several days before actually setting them up so that the roof rats will get used to seeing them. If your efforts at roof rat elimination prove to be unsuccessful or if you have a rat phobia or Musophobia, consider getting help from professionals.