Hardscaping Tips and Ideas for a Harmonious and Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Grass with garden materials

All the stone and concrete in your garden comprise the “hardscape” component. The brick wall is part of it as well. If you have too much “softscape” – all the green growing things and natural splashes of color – then you may already be nurturing new species.

When there is no balance between these two elements, your garden will not be the place of calm and harmony.

Beware of too much paving

On the other hand, if you are too focused on privacy and increasing property value, you might add too much paving, and one pergola too many. Hardscaping is as much science as it is art. An attractive yard has just the right amount of concrete.

It can be an area of low maintenance, but still nurture a thriving ecosystem of local succulents, perennials, and ornamentals. You can grow shrubs and small trees where birds’ nests and still have enough space for a stone patio to entertain friends.

You can enjoy privacy within a natural hedge and have ample space for a barbeque with a few special people.

Sustainable options

When planning an outdoor living space, you must ask local experts about sustainable options for the hardscape components. There may be a local barn, an hour’s drive away, selling reclaimed wood, or recycled furniture or a quarry where you can source rocks may just be a stone’s throw away.

You might not know where to source sustainable materials, but a reputable landscaping group would. If you want to take it a step further, allot a few hours doing research on the impact of hardscaping materials on the environment.

The information is out there, and you must be proactive in choosing the materials that will be used in the outdoor living space.

The right design and the best materials can maximize the budget you have set aside for the project. Hiring a landscape company in Utah such as Impressions Landscape to create an outdoor living space is a rather good idea.

With expert gardening and landscaping advice, you will have a yard that nurtures beautiful and health growing trees, with spaces allowing for human interaction.