Here’s How to Have a Warm and Interesting All-White Kitchen

all-white kitchen

While there will be some people who will love a predominantly white kitchen, it can be a little out of date for others. If it is the latter for you, you may feel the need to remodel an all-white kitchen to give it some color and warmth.

You might also be complaining about how an all-white space look can look uninspiring, with the need to make it look sleek and stylish. Home remodeling expert Trinity Builders of South West Florida share a few tips on adding some contrast or warmth in an ivory or white kitchen.

Add Some Shades of Gray

A white kitchen can brighten up the space, but too much white can make the room soulless or feel like a hospital or surgical room. Use different gradations of white or shades of gray to add some dimension to the space. You could also update your cabinets and furniture or add some design elements in black.

Update Your Floor

You can easily tone down a white kitchen with dark flooring. If you have white walls and cabinet, you can bring down the focus of the space on a dark wood floor. If you, however, don’t want to use wood in the kitchen, you can create a similar look using other materials like tile, laminate, or vinyl.

Incorporate Some Texture

A mostly white kitchen can become more interesting with some visual interest. You can simply do this by adding a colored rug, rustic furniture set, or even a floral arrangement.

You could also choose to update your cabinetry by replacing, re-staining or refacing them. A tile backsplash can also add a bit of excitement to the room.

Make Your Island Pop

You can add more color to an all-white kitchen by updating the island. A colored island (dark blue, brown, or gray) can draw attention to the space and give you and others something interesting to look at. You can further add pops of color by having colorful or brightly toned appliances in the space.

If your white kitchen feels monotonous, don’t hesitate to make some changes. It is also a good idea to get the help of home remodeling experts, especially when making drastic changes.