Here’s How You Can Improve Your Daytime Sleep

Daytime Sleep

Daytime SleepAccording to Western Australia’s Office of Road Safety, shift workers get about one to two hours less sleep time than those who work during normal hours. This can negatively affect mood and health, and increase the risks of accident at work or on the road.

If you work during atypical hours, it is best to get at least seven hours of sleep to avoid fatigue or falling asleep at work.  Keep reading to know how you can promote better sleep during daytime.

Make the Room Quiet

During daytime, there are more likely to be noises inside and outside your home that can disrupt your sleep. It is a good idea to wear earplugs or use a fan or a white noise machine to block out sounds. The Blinds Gallery suggests using thick curtains for extra insulation. Curtains are fairly effective at blocking sound from entering through the window.

Limit Caffeine Consumption

If you need to sleep from morning to afternoon, avoid caffeine after midnight. Caffeine found in coffee, tea, chocolate and carbonated drinks stay in your system for many hours and keep you awake. You should also refrain from using tobacco products a few hours before bedtime.

Keep the Room Dark

Dim the lights and use special curtains and darkening shades to block daylight and make the room completely dark. You can also try wearing an eye mask, and be sure to limit the use of electronic devices before bedtime. They stimulate brain activity, disrupting your ability to sleep.

Keep the Room Cool

Set your air conditioner’s timer to drop a few degrees a few hours after your sleep, or just doze off with a fan. Experiment with keeping your room cool to find what makes you most comfortable. It is also important to use a comfortable mattress and pillows, so you can wake up feeling rested, not stiff.

Apart from these suggestions, you should also include healthy lifestyle choices in your daily routine. Eat a balanced diet and work out after you wake up, instead of before going to sleep. Sleeping and waking up at the same time every day also helps promote better sleep.

3 Comments on Here’s How You Can Improve Your Daytime Sleep

  1. Antonio B. Alber // July 31, 2015 at 2:20 am // Reply

    Think about what you eat or drink during bedtime. Drinking with caffeine can keep you awake. Alcohol, meanwhile, can make you sleepy at first, but can reduce your restorative amount of sleep.

  2. John S. Derosier // July 31, 2015 at 2:51 am // Reply

    I try to make my bedroom as soundproof as possible. A fan or an air conditioning system can help mask external noise. Heavy curtains also help in reducing noise levels.

  3. Irma R. Fitzhugh // July 31, 2015 at 3:07 am // Reply

    I was once in night shift, and I had problems sleeping during daytime. But after avoiding stimulants like coffee, the quality of my sleep improved. A dark bedroom also helped.

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