Home Maintenance Tips: Take Care of your Hardwood Floorings

Hardwood FlooringsIt may not look like it, but your home’s hardwood flooring can be considered one of your property’s most important investments. Not only are they easy to maintain, with proper maintenance, it can also last for decades. Aside from the convenience that it can offer, it also exudes its own aesthetic characteristic.

Learn how to properly maintain your hardwood flooring to enjoy its beauty and efficiency longer. 

Hardwood flooring home maintenance

  1. Floor mats

Prevention is better than cure. Prevent major culprits in damaging your flooring, namely dust and dirt, from making contact with your hardwood surface by placing floor mats. Floor mats can filter solid particles that are attached in one’s footwear, making it an effective way to prevent damages.

  1. Temperature (prevent cracking and minor damages)

Raw wood responds to the changes in temperature, so does hardwood floorings. Keeping your room temperature between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal to maintain the quality of your flooring. Anything beyond that can cause planks gapping and buckling. These changes are caused by drastic changes in the temperature (e.g. heat and moisture).

  1. Liquid spills

Spills are a parent’s worst nightmare. Not only is it a hassle to clean, it also does damage to your flooring if not properly taken care of. However, spills are inevitable. The best way to handle them is to simply wipe the spill as it happens. Make sure not to let water stand in the flooring for too long as it can damage the surface.

  1. Furniture

Heavy furniture is also one of the culprits for dented hardwood floorings. Avoid dragging heavy furniture from one place to another. Always lift them up and place rubber or soft cushions under the legs to prevent scratches.

  1. Professional care

Nothing beats professional cleaning. While regular home maintenance is needed, professional hardwood floor maintenance from agencies in Orange County CA like thehardwoodflooringco.com are also needed to keep your floorings in top shape.

Maintain the beauty of your homes by not forgetting to maintain the quality of your floorings.