Homebuilding Tips: Make Your House Look Bigger

Couple Checking Their House's Blueprints

Building a home takes time and money. It is an exercise in patience too, as you wait for your dream house to be finished.

With the expenses that come with building, it makes sense to make do with what you can afford. If you have a budget for a house that’s of a decent size – not too small but not too big, either – there’s no point in trying to add too much that it destroys your budget.

But don’t be disheartened if your budget cannot cover the original size you intended. There are several tricks you can turn to if you want to make your home seem bigger.

Make the Room Look Taller

Invite eyes to go upward and give the illusion that the space is bigger than it really is. For a classy touch, build it so that the interior millwork is high and intricate. The design can attract anyone who steps into your home, and the limited floor area is likely to be ignored.

This is the same principle you can depend on when you wallpaper or paint your ceiling with an interesting pattern or your walls with vertical lines. The more you invite eyes to look up, the less likely they will notice the real size of the home.

Make the Room Bright

Big windows that let a lot of sunlight in can make the room look wider. Along with making the ceiling look higher, you can also choose a shade of white for the dominant color. Painting or wallpapering the walls with dark colors make the room appear claustrophobic.

When the sun goes down, use an assortment of bright yet friendly lights to illuminate the space. As for your window treatments, try ceiling to floor curtains that actually make the windows look even bigger.

Don’t Push the Furniture Against the Walls

You probably think you should put furniture flush against the walls to give more room. But you can make the room look bigger if you pull your couch and other furniture a few inches away from the walls. This opens up the place and makes it seem bigger.

You don’t have to feel bad that you cannot afford the big house right now. These little tricks can make your home look larger and more interesting.