House and Land Package: A Good Deal

House and Land Packages in BrisbanePeople are attracted to sale, buy one take one, and even packages. Who wouldn’t? Such purchasing principle is not only limited to the grocery or the mall but can also be applied in choosing your new abode.

House and land packages are common in Brisbane, here are some of the reasons why choosing them over an established one is more practical. 

Pros of buying house and land package:

  1. Saves on stamp duties

The biggest saving one can have in buying a house and land package is on the stamp duties. Without the package deal, the buyer is obliged to pay duties for the land and the house separately, which obviously costs more.

  1. Customisation

Unlike buying an established home, going for the package means you have the freedom to customise your homes to a certain extent. Your agents are able to offer you home models you can choose from. Changing some parts of the interiors and exteriors, however, can have extra fees depending on the inclusions of the package.

  1. Stable pricing

Choosing a package gives one an idea of the cost of such deals, more often than not, projects a stable pricing. However, it is still the buyer’s responsibility to know which features are included in the package and which features need extra payments. Know such information beforehand in order to properly evaluate the deal.

  1. Little to no maintenance

Warranty for fixing, building, and fitting, are covered for a period of 5 years (depending on the local standard). There is no need for extensive maintenance because reputable builders use high-quality construction materials, says an expert from Such materials are durable and are often easy to maintain.

Such packages (and its perks) are truly attractive. However, before making a decision, do not forget to consider the location, budget and the community itself, before closing a deal.