How Does a Booming Chinese Tourism Market Benefit U.S. Hotels?

Inside of a hotel

China’s middle-class sector continues to explore other countries, such as the U.S., which provides the hotel industry with a new source of revenue.

More than 75 million Chinese tourists are expected to travel overseas in 2018; therefore, digital marketing will be important to get as much business as possible. One way to improve your online visibility is by using search engine optimization or SEO for hotels.

Adjusted Searches

Local searches are important for your target market to find your business. For this reason, it’s necessary to adjust how your business appears in online search results. Google made some changes to their algorithms over the past year, but there are certain ways to adapt.

An optimized Knowledge Graph for businesses allows you to work around the changes. SEO campaigns can now include more than just images and basic information for Google My Business listings. For instance, Google Q&A allows customers to ask for specific details about hotel rates and services.

Challenging Environment

The need for SEO and other online marketing initiatives becomes more relevant in general, whether or not you’re chasing Chinese tourists for business. A CBRE report noted a challenging industry environment for hotels that manifest through slow profit growth.

In 2017, the total operating revenues only rose 2% on average yet fewer companies were able to increase their profitability, according to the report. It may be time to reconsider any plans to improve your hotel amenities in 2018. Adding a new concierge for pets, for instance, may be a good way to attract guests. However, think about the costs it would entail and compare it against the probable return on investment.

Online marketing can be a tricky subject, especially for those who are not too familiar with it. Small businesses should consider hiring a third-party service provider for seasonal campaigns, instead of forming an in-house team that would just incur additional expenses for them.