How Much Do You Need to Spend on a New Roof Installation?

roof repair and installation

Households in the U.S. may need to pay an average of almost $7,300 for a new roof installation, although it may cost as low as $1,200 or even up to $30,000.

If you live in Georgia, it may be more cost-efficient to fix a broken roof than to replace it with a new one. The cost of roof repair in Winder, as Havoc Construction L.L.C. adds, may be more or less expensive than in Atlanta depending on certain factors.

Reasons for Installation

Most roofing has a lifespan between 20 and 25 years, so installing a new one may be a wiser choice. Consult a professional for an inspection if you think the roof has already reached its limit. Extensive leaks that happen too often also serve as another reason for installing a new roof, as it would be less practical to pay for repairs every now and then.

Homeowners who want to improve the curb appeal of their properties may also consider replacing the roof, even if it’s perfectly fine. The logic behind this involves increasing the value of their house with a potential to recover up to 50% of the investment.

Time for Repairs

The cost of a roof repair will often be a more affordable choice than installing a new one, yet it’s important to know that costs may easily go up depending on the type of job. Repairs for a high-pitch roof normally cost more than a flat-pitch type, while the necessary permits may require up to $400 from out of your pocket.

If you’re only dealing with loose or missing shingles, a dripping ceiling, a sagging gutter, or damaged soffits, then choose to have a professional repair the roof.

The price of installation for a new roof is quite expensive, so think carefully if you truly need one. By choosing to repair roofing problems, you could save money and help reduce environmental waste at the same time.