How Smaller Spaces are Smart Choices for Young Adults

young adults looking for a new flat

The cost of living continues to rise all over the world. Homes are becoming less affordable for young professionals aiming to own their own property. Millenials (born between 1980-2000) are making careful choices to save up and still afford the kind of life that they want.

In Australia, there is an option to invest in a cost-effective and versatile living space such as granny flats, which are designed as an extension of or a brand-new place to call home.

Smaller Spaces Make for A Simpler Life

Granny flats are originally intended as space for elder family members, which is where the name came from. While they are smaller than standard homes, they may be personalised to suit the needs of the residents either as an individual or a family home. The size of the flat maximises functionality. The furniture is arranged in a way that space is utilised efficiently to create a peaceful environment. A peaceful environment contributes to promoting a peaceful mind and vise versa.

Designed to Suit Your Lifestyle

The simplicity of the lifestyle offered by granny flats allows the occupant to focus on themselves. This means that a person’s time may be dedicated to doing activities that improve their health, becoming immersed in their interests, finding the effective work-life balance, and creating and fostering relationships. The beauty of having your own place is that you can use your time at your own pace on the things that matter to you.

Young adults are in the phase of their lives where they are transitioning to full independence, while some are starting their own families. With the cost of living continuing to increase, many young adults have had a difficult time coping. Thankfully, there are innovations that create new but just as efficient opportunities such as ‘tiny house’ living — a simpler choice of lifestyle that does not compromise the quality of life.