How to Jazz Up Your Front Yard’s Design in 5 Ways

Front Yard

When you’re looking for a house to buy, the first thing you see is its front yard. When you visit someone’s house for the first time, the front yard makes an impression right away. That’s why it’s important for your house to have a front yard that’s a reflection of everything else beyond it.

You can scout for the cost of aluminum fences and set up an elegant boundary for your front lawn. You can add flowers or some modern lighting if that’s what fits the design of your house. If you’re thinking about jazzing up your front yard, let these five design ideas help you out:

1. Rocks and Succulents

Not only is this easy to maintain; it also makes for a modern plant box for your front yard. Succulents look well in small planters and white rocks. If you choose to use bigger succulents, you can match them with bigger, darker rocks. Contrast always works here.

2. Lavender Pathways

The long, elegant flowers of the Lavender plant give any pathway a taste of the beauty of the wilderness, not to mention the mesmerizing aroma it can give your front yard. Your guests will feel refreshed and relaxed every time they walk on your pathway.

3. Vines and Pergolas

Pergolas are a fresh way to add some country style to your front yard. You can have a short pergola as the entrance or have it cover your whole front yard and then let flower vines crawl up its posts and beams. This creates a dreamy feel and a magnificent look.

4. Zen Water Fountains

There are many types of Zen water fountains that are meant to be put outdoors. Some are just made from rocks while others have bamboo features. Some are as big as a pond while others are dainty enough to be put by your door.

5. Big Planters

One style that’s common in a modern front yard is the use of extra-large planters. You can use them on the boundaries of your property or use one as a garden centerpiece.

Just remember that your front yard design should complement the rest of your house. Mix and match flowers, pathways, and fencing, as long as it doesn’t make it look too cluttered. Follow these tips and your home will leave a lasting impression even before the guests see what’s beyond the front yard.