Important Things to Observe When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

vehicle breakdown

vehicle breakdownThere’s nothing more frustrating and dangerous than experiencing a vehicle breakdown in the middle of a congested road. The situation is much worse when you have young passengers with you. This unfortunate incident can happen even to those who are driving well-kept vehicles.

Industry professional notes that a car breakdown can turn ugly. If you think it will not happen to you, think again. It is always better to be prepared for any devastating accident. This article lists down the things you need to remember if you find yourself in such a situation.

Get the Car off the Road

The risk of a major accident goes up if your vehicle gets stuck in the middle of the road, especially if you’re on a busy highway. The first thing you need to do is to move your car off the road. Make sure you and your passengers are in a safe location. In most cases, vehicles encountering this problem do not stop abruptly, which means you may still have enough time to pull over.

If your vehicle stops entirely, just stay calm and switch on the safety or emergency flashers. Do not attempt to get out of the car if traffic is heavy, particularly when there are fast moving vehicles. Instead, wait for traffic or law enforcement officers to assist you.

Let Other Drivers Know

Once you have moved your vehicle to a safe place, the next step you should take is to alert other drivers of your situation. Emergency flashers are important, especially during night-time and harsh weather conditions. An early warning device placed behind your vehicle will be of big help to oncoming cars. Another way to get someone’s attention is raise a bright-coloured cloth on the antennae or any other place that is visible on your vehicle.

Call for Immediate Assistance

With you and the passengers in a safe place, it’s now time to call for assistance. It’s advisable to contact a car towing company for speedy response. For minor problems, such as busted hoses or broken belts, you can repair them yourself. If the trouble seems serious, however, it may be best to get some professional help.

Never fear being stranded on the road again. By knowing what to do, you can turn a stressful situation into a great lesson.

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  1. Donald S. Davis // August 3, 2015 at 4:49 am // Reply

    Car breakdowns, no matter where they happen, are truly an inconvenience. Not to mention a stressful experience. This is the reason it’s best to know what towing company to call.

  2. Sheila W. Hughes // August 3, 2015 at 5:12 am // Reply

    Last month, my husband and I got into a roadside emergency due to mechanical breakdown. I learned that it’s important to display a distress signal and make your car as visible as possible.

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