Improve Your Home through a Bump-Out Addition

Home Improvements in Australia

Home Improvements in Australia You may feel that certain parts of your home may be improved if only you have an additional space. With just enough room, you can fit that beautiful tub you were so attracted while visiting the local showroom. Or your child has grown so rapidly that an additional closet would be very useful.

You can realise those wishes without going for a full-scale home renovation. With the assistance of builders specialising in home additions in Perth, you can get that extra space by having a ‘bump out’.

What is bump out?

Although you are adding space to your home, a bump out should be differentiated from a full-scale house addition. You are not actually adding a new bedroom or bathroom buts simply enhancing an existing portion of the house. This additional space may now allow you to install a bigger tub or add a pantry to your kitchen.

Characteristics of a bump-out addition

In most cases, a bump out results to a new roofline that may be flat or a shed type, but will not be an extension to the existing roofing system. If it is on the upper floors, the bump out may be cantilevered. This means you erect the structure with a vertical support only at one end. It would appear to project from the side of the house.

Usually the extension would be from two to eight feet from the house. And since this is not a new room, it would not need provisions for cooling or heating. Basically, a bump out can be built on any existing portions of the house from bedroom, kitchen, dining room to the bathroom.

Advantages of a bump out

Building a bump out is an ideal option if your requirement is only for an additional space for an existing portion and not necessary a new addition. This additional space would be enough to put a kitchen island, an extended counter, a bookshelf, a bigger tub or a closet for the bedroom.

Grandesigns WA, a pre-fab home supplier, says it’s best to consult experts who can handle your project from initial consultation to completion.

With a bump-out addition, you will be spending less than a full-blown addition by a considerable amount. And since you do not require an entirely new structure, you get to achieve what you really set out to do.