Increase Your Online Visibility Using Google+

Online VisibilityIt is true that Google+ is not the most popular social media site out there. It lags behind social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, and even ranks lower than photo sharing networks like Instagram and Snapchat.

Though Google+ may seem like just another social network with a relatively smaller user base, you should by no means overlook it from a digital marketing perspective. Many Denver SEO specialists still see the potential of using the social network to boost online visibility and authority.

Google+’s clean design and direct tie in with the world’s largest search engine make it a great tool to have in your digital marketing arsenal.

There are several ways for you to make the most of your Google+ profile and increase your visibility online:

Fill Out Your Meta Description Field

Google+ and Google My Business have a Meta Description Field, which is one of the first things that users will see if they visit your page. You can create a custom URL for your business, which syncs with your profile.

All highlights of your site are displayed on the Meta Description field, which somewhat serves as a type blurb for your business. To maximize its impact, write something interesting there to catch the attention of your visitors immediately.

Update Your Google+ Contact Details

Google+ is a great social network for reaching clients. Make sure that your contact details are complete so that they can reach you if needed. Be sure to do so throughout all of your profiles, including Google My Business. It is also a good idea to drop a pin leading to your business so that clients can locate it on Google Maps.

Bring Out the Pros

Hiring a professional digital marketing company specializing in SEO is a great way to maximize your efforts on Google+. They know exactly what advertising strategies will work for you to increase both your online visibility and your authority.

Google+ is a great tool to have and is especially useful for those who want to rank higher on its search engine. Despite its smaller user base, it still has a lot of potential.